What is long span roofing?

High-light ceilings are also known as ceilings that exceed 12 m of light. Large-span roofs can produce resilient, column-free interior areas. They can also reduce substructure costs and production times. High-span ceilings are generally defined as those that exceed 12 m in wingspan.

Large-span roofs can create flexible, column-free internal spaces and can reduce substructure costs and construction times. Commonly found in a wide range of building types, such as factories, warehouses, farm buildings, hangars, department stores, public rooms, gyms, and arenas. What we consider large-scale structures are structures with spans greater than 20 meters. The most common types of large span structures are trusses, folded plates, carcass structures, frames and tent structures or traction structures.

In addition, another alternative for large span structures are rigid grid systems that are commonly used in high-rise buildings. Here, we show 5 projects with large-scale structures where the architects did not sacrifice their bright and spacious rooms. A roof, which is one of the most essential parts of a building, is the roof at the highest part of the building that protects the building and its contents from the effects of weather, that is,. Rain, heat, sunlight, cold and wind depending on the nature and intended design of the building (Wiki n, d; Foster and Greeno 200.

The span of a roof is an important consideration, among other factors, including functional requirements and considerations of speed and economy of assembly. This can be classified in relative terms as short (up to 7.5 m), medium (7.5 m - 25 m) and long (more than 25 m) according to (Foster and Greeno 200. This report will focus on large-scale roof structures. Griffis 200 highlights some of the factors that need to be considered in the design and construction of large-scale roofs.

Westminster Hall was a great feat of engineering in the 14th and 19th centuries; the roof of St Pancras station was the largest span in the UK for many years. At UGC we are more than happy to answer your questions about the price of large-scale roofing in the Philippines or other roofing concerns. Long-span roofs are similar to other roofs in terms of function: they protect structures from climatic elements and provide insulation when necessary. Roofing experts recommend this large span metal roof for schools and as a cladding or undercoating for chicken coops, typical warehouses and manufacturing plants.

While they have the advantage of reducing the volume of the roof, the depth, and therefore the volume, increases with the span. Rather than providing you with the right large metal roof for your construction projects, UGC also provides services such as roof estimations, on-site lamination, delivery and installation. Because of the size of these structures, they require roofs that match their size, and these are large span roofs. As long as the architectural shape and line of sight of the roof structure are not affected, the deflections and tilting effects of large roofs should not be given much attention.

They further argue that, in order to achieve enormous cost savings in the materials used in the design and construction of the roof, a balance must be struck such that there is an overall reduction in the total dead load to be borne by the roof, which will result in a situation where lightweight materials. carry heavily imposed loads in large stretches. One of the sports halls, called the “Ivan de Bedout Coliseum”, has a structural system that provides a free light of 280 feet (85 meters). The 10.8 m high roof, supported by rc beams and columns, is a 59 m span structure with 29 individual steel components at a maximum height of 10.8 m.

Long-span roofs are often associated with iconic projects, whether stadiums, airports, or other major public buildings. New forms of the large roof appeared in the 1950s based on steel cables that had long been used in suspension bridges. According to (Foster and Greeno 200), the main factor affecting the selection of materials used in the design of a particular roof system chosen from a wide range of roof types is light. .


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