Where do most roof leaks occur?

The Four Most Common Places a Roof Leaks Around the Chimney. The chimney is one of the main culprits of a roof leak. The vast majority of roof coverings work using the principle of gravity. This can be a great help in locating a source of leakage.

However, horizontal ceiling boards can fool you. In reality, a leak can be eight to 10 feet on its side from where you see the wet roof or stain in the attic. In an effort to save you that investment, we have compiled a list of the 10 most common causes of roof leaks. We'll tell you what they look like, why they happen and how to solve them.

Whether you have an old roof, a new roof, or even a sleek green roof, wear and tear is inevitable. There will be storms, long winters and strong winds. But do you leak in the roof? They are a different story. With the right care regimen, every roof should have the ability to keep your family warm and dry for decades.

As you work on home maintenance, check out this list of the 10 most common causes of roof leaks. You'll be glad you did when early detection of a leak saves you time and money. Chimney Leaks A common place for roof leaks is the chimney. Some chimneys don't have covers and rain can fall directly into the chimney.

Condensation in the chimney, cracks in the crown of the chimney and worn flashings are other causes of leaks. The chimney flashing is made of metal that keeps the area between the chimney and the roof hermetic. Because flashings wear out over time and can be installed incorrectly, it is important to inspect the chimney once a year to ensure that the flashing is intact and secure. People, seam weakness, neglect, roofing equipment, and weather are the five most common culprits behind many roofing problems.

Not all roof leaks can be attributed to one of the big five, but if you can keep an eye on these hazards and better understand how to identify and prevent them, you're on your way to having a trouble-free roof for much longer. Most chimney roof leaks originate in one of the corners of the chimney. A corner leak is often due to improper flashing and roofing, as several materials come together to make the transition around the chimney. Wherever the nail is badly driven into the roof is where water will drip into your home.

In addition, Mid South Roof Systems will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities. I understand that neither the completion of this application nor any other part of the application process places any obligation on the part of Mid South Roof Systems to hire me. If the leak is from the flashing around the chimney, then a roofer will simply go in and reapply the area around it. A roof valley is a line where two planes of the roof intersect and, depending on where you live, it could be covered with shingles, exposed metal flashings, or rolled roofs.

So, even though you may notice evidence of a leak in the corner bedroom, the vulnerable spot on your roof may be quite far from that part of your house. Since these roof areas are often sloped, if the valleys are not properly sealed, rainwater can enter as it runs down the roof. Dowell Roofing serves Rutherford County (including Murfreesboro, Smyrna and Lavergne), as well as surrounding Middle Tennessee counties. However, since the materials used for chimney repairs are different from those for standard roof repairs, it is recommended that you hire a professional who will handle repairs.

Broken ShinglesAnother cause of leaks is broken shingles, especially if your house is older or still has its original roof. A leak may have nothing to do with the actual construction of a roof itself, but rather with the gutters of a house, the mechanism that is put in place to help the roof drain properly. Make sure all roof vents are clear from the inside end and install a large ventilation fan, if necessary. .

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