Can you repair just part of a roof?

When faced with roof damage, many homeowners wonder, 'Can you repair just part of a roof?' The answer is yes! Skilled roofing contractors have the expertise to address specific areas in need of attention without the necessity of a full roof replacement. These professionals can assess the extent of the damage, provide cost-effective solutions, and execute targeted repairs to ensure the longevity and integrity of your roof. Don't hesitate to consult experienced roofing contractors for their expert advice and services, safeguarding your home's protection and value.

In most cases, we recommend homeowners opt for a full new roof if approximately half of the roof is damaged. That said, there are some cost-saving options if you fear your budget won't support an entirely new roof. See our blog on removable roofs vs. overlapping roofs for more information there.

While you can replace only half of a roof, roofing experts don't recommend it. Some homeowners may consider it a cheaper option, or think it saves time. From an expert's point of view, replacing half of the roof often causes more damage (or expense) than good. If the damaged area is small and limited to a single section of the roof, you may be able to replace a section.

This isn't always an ideal strategy and it doesn't even save you money. Roofing materials are sold in bulk, and matching the colour of a tile several years after its installation can be tricky. If damage is limited to one side of the roof, partial re-roofing is also possible. Replacing only one side of your roof will certainly be cheaper overall compared to replacing the entire roof.

Replacing an entire section of the roof will make repairs less obvious, as small differences in colour between different faces of the roof will not be as noticeable. One case where you can repair part of your roof is when replacing damaged or missing shingles. Shingles replacement may not be a cause for concern, however, only a professional should do it. You should hire an expert roofer who can access if the roof deck and subfloor are damaged.

Making such a big financial decision can be intimidating, but understanding the pros and cons of each repair option will ensure you make the right decision to protect your biggest investment. After all, it makes sense if the other half is in good condition, and doing so could save you money on repairs. To ensure this repair looks natural, you need to install the exact same style and colour of tile that you used on the rest of your roof especially when you repair a flat roof. If damage to the roof is minimal, you can choose to perform partial repairs instead of replacing the entire roof.

But, if you need to repair more than half of your roof, it's best for you to simply replace the roof of your entire house. Many roofing companies don't do half-roof repairs, so it might also be more difficult to find someone who will. Repairing your roof on your own without the right tools and knowledge that roofing professionals have can lead to accidents. Because the two sides of your roof have a different lifespan, you'll have to pay for repairs more often than for a complete roof replacement.

We suggest repair or replacement options based on weather conditions, budget and preferences in your area. In addition to resolving issues right away, you'll only spend on repairs and necessary materials, rather than having to troubleshoot problems created by trying to do it yourself. Some people insist on repairing the roof when they need a replacement, often because budget is an issue. As a result, your older half will soon need repairs or replacements, creating an endless cycle of repairs and partial replacements.

While some homeowners try to repair the roof themselves, it's usually not a good idea, especially if you're not a roofing expert. It will be even more difficult to match the two sides of a roof for a half-roof repair, and it's difficult to figure out how to recover both halves of the roof at the same time if you plan to sell the house to new homeowners. While some newer shingles are acceptable for minor repairs, having half of your roof a completely different age isn't always a good option. Insurance typically won't cover the cost of a new roof due to regular wear and tear anyway, so using your coverage for a portion of the entire roof repair will save you money in the long run.


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